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Company History
Northsight Management, LLC is an Arizona-based field service management company that services defaulted homes across the U.S. Founded in 2009, Northsight is one of the fastest growing field service management companies in the industry because of our advanced technology systems and streamlined practices. The company’s maintained success throughout our rapid expansion has been a direct result of the high service standards established for all employees and contractors. We recognize the importance of advanced preparation when transitioning into new contract areas, and are able to seamlessly adapt to the needs of our clients. Today Northsight preserves more than $700 million in real estate assets nationwide.

Client Service Philosophy
Our client service philosophy is that expedited escalation resolution and prompt communication is the key to success. To ensure this, Northsight has a dedicated team for each client with a direct phone line to bypass any automated operators.

Our advanced software includes a mobile solution that allows all of our contractors to easily submit their photos to us from their phone, or Ipad, in real time, from the field. We have also developed a cutting edge mapping module and route creator with turn-by-turn directions for all contractors. Northsight additionally utilizes an enhanced order assignment system that quickly distributes work orders among qualifying contractors. Exceptional quality control mechanisms ensure that all orders are reviewed twice before being processed and monthly inspections of job sites guarantee the quality of services performed. These, along with many other innovative, proprietary tools and methods, set us apart from our competition and allow us to bring our quality and service to unparalleled heights.

Vendors Apply Here

Northsight Vendor Application

Northsight Management

Our Northsight team of independent contractors are a key component in our ability to provide outstanding services. As a Northsight vendor, you will be given access to cutting edge technology that allows you to quickly route and submit your work.

If you would like to become a valued Northsight vendor please apply today!